Hey, it's Winter/Spring 2017! Come write with us!

It's chilly, so we'll be cozying up to our notebooks and letting the wild fires of our minds warm us up. It works wonders! There are SO MANY workshops on the schedule this season; we just couldn't contain ourselves. Check them out below.

And don't forget to check out the Friday Night Writes schedule, too!


The Picture Book Project: Writing for the Kid You Used to Be
8 Mondays, March 27th- May 22nd (no class April 10th), 4:30-6pm
Ages 12-17
With BIRD                                                   

This special 8-week workshop won’t end when our class stops meeting! Participants will use the workshop time (and probably some time at home) to complete a children’s story which will be given to a Richmond artist to illustrate over the summer. It’s a great opportunity to experience the full writing experience: raw story generation, editing, getting that beautiful illustrated copy back in your hands, and finally, sharing it with the world: writers will read their illustrated books to younger children at a fundraising event in the fall!


Mona Lisa's Smile, Furry Bat Wings, and other Inspirations
6 Tuesdays, April 18th-May 23rd, 4:30-6pm
Ages 11-14
With SUZANNE                                                

What inspires you? ... a stone cottage on an isolated road, the intricate web of veins in a bat's wing, the lyrics to a song you can't stop playing? Each week we'll bring an image or a song to class that inspires us. Whether you're on chapter 10 of your latest effort or just noodling around for the first word, this class is for all you writers that want to tackle an extended piece. Plenty of writing time and a community forum format in which to hash out ideas when you feel stuck--this class will rev up your writing engine.


Canvas to Page: Art + Writing at the VMFA
Wednesdays, March 29th-May 10th, 4:30-6pm
Ages 13-17
With MICHAEL                                                  

Beginning with a scavenger hunt and art walk at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, students will craft writing inspired by works of art found within the museum’s permanent collection. Students will select one or more works of art around which to craft a story. This could be a landscape painting they use as inspiration for a setting, a portrait that inspires a character, a mask that inspires a hero, an object that suggests a great weapon or a terrible cursed object--the options are limitless. Beyond this trip, we will continue to look at the power of art and visual media to inspire our writing. This workshop is open to fiction writers, poets, playwrights, anyone and everyone.


The RYW Box of Chocolates: A Delicious Writing Sampler
Thursdays, April 20th-May 25th, 4:30-6pm
Ages 9-11
With SUZANNE                                                   

Go for broke in our spring sampler class! We’ll throw in everything but the kitchen sink: poems, prose, parodies, cartoons, creepy-crawlies, mashups, fantasy, diary entries, dad jokes... nothing is off limits as we careen wildly into alternate dimensions only you could dream up! Come make this workshop your own. Get raw material down in your notebook and writerly props from your workshop-mates.



Writing Forward: Thoughts on Diversity, Inclusion and Compassion
Ages 12+ (adults, too!)

Sunday, February 19th, 2-4pm - This session is FULL!
Sunday, March 19th, 2-4pm - This session is FULL!                                             

These free workshops will provide a safe space for all ages to write and share thoughts about what it means to live in America in 2017. We have noticed over the years that the wider the range of ages in a workshop, the deeper the insights gained by writers young and old; thus, Writing Forward is open to both youth and adults. Opportunities to blend voices across the divides of age, race, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation and tax bracket have become a priority for us, and we are proud to offer them to the Richmond community.