Were so glad you're here! 

WINTER after-school intensives and our weekend and stand-alone workshops will all be held in the writing room upstairs at Richmond Young Writers: 2915 #2 W. Cary St. (Google map), unless specifically noted.

Drop off and pick up: Please plan to enter via the RYW door - 2915 #2 West Cary Street - and pick up upstairs, inside of Chop Suey Books. If you need to make other arrangements or if you know your child will be walking or biking to/from class, please let us know in advance!  

Registration: A registration form and payment must be completed to ensure your child's space in a class. Fall intensives are $120 each and weekend workshops are individually priced. Cancellation requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the start date of class in order to receive a refund or a credit (minus a $25 processing fee.) Half and full scholarships available...find out more here!

Please send your young writer to class each day with a water bottle and a journal! 

Class size: minimum: 4 students, maximum: 11.

Questions? Comments? Please email us at richmondyoungwriters@gmail.com


WINTER SESSION :  February 8 - March 18

Mondays,  Feb 8, 15, 22, 29 & Mar  7, 14:  4:30- 6 pm
With Suzanne Reamy
Ages 9 - 11
$120                                                                           REGISTER!

Do you think in pictures?  Is every notebook you own covered in doodles? This class is for you! Draw your way into the story with our spring class for fidgety fingers. Our “sketch first, write second” method will help you dive into your character’s world with abandon. No drawing ability necessary, just an active imagination.


Tuesdays,  Feb 9, 16, 23,  & Mar 1, 8, 15:  4:30- 6 pm
With Bird Cox
Ages 15 +
$120                                                                            REGISTER!

The best characters throughout the history of stories and storytelling have layers: good, bad, hopeful, despondent, stubborn, manic, brilliant layers woven together by the writers who love them deeply. Even the villains. In this workshop, we'll be exploring how to find your best characters and their layers by taking inspiration from people you know, stories you love, dreams you've had, worlds you connect with and more. 


Wednesdays,  Feb 10, 17, 24 & Mar 2, 9, 16:  4:30- 6 pm
With Suzanne Reamy
Ages 12 - 14

Get it all out there. We know you’ve got a case of the feels. Let’s channel all that emotion into gut wrenching scenes of anger and remorse, loathing and loneliness, or hysteria and outrage. We’ll scale the heights of joy along with cringe in the corner embarrassment.  Emojis for your pen. No sharing required, unless you’re feelin’ it.


With Various RYW Teachers & Guests
All Ages!
$25                                                                             REGISTER!

Can't make a regular weekly commitment to a class offering, but want to stay connected and explore writing with a variety of teachers and students?  Try out our buffet of workshops, all held on Thursdays, same space, same time.  

BUFFET MENU:  Try them a-la-carte or double dip... a second course comes around in Spring! 

Feb 18:  Mystery Bags! w/ Kristin Hott & Aiden McKenna
Ages 12 - 14
Grab a bag, pull out the insides and create a story, poem, haiku or mini puppet show...who knows?  Each one is filled with an odd mash up of items, some from another "world," entirely. So many bags to choose from, you'll have to keep coming back to get through them all.  Giant mystery bags are for team challenges, which will have you writing to impress, haunt, destroy (with love) or inspire.  

Feb 25:  Life in 10 Minutes w/ Valley Haggard
Ages 14+
Write first person essays, poems and stranger than fiction true stories for publication on the Life in 10 Minutes website to be submitted anonymously or with your name, as you wish.

Mar. 10:  Mystery Bags! w/ Kristin Hott & Aiden McKenna
Ages 9 - 11
Grab a bag, pull out the insides and create a story, poem, haiku or mini puppet show...who knows?  Each one is filled with an odd mash up of items, some from another "world," entirely.  So many bags to choose from, you'll have to keep coming back to get through them all.  Giant mystery bags are for team challenges, which will have you writing to impress, haunt, destroy (with love) or inspire. 

Mar. 17:   Coming Soon, to a Theater Near You! w/ Danny Caporaletti
Ages 12-14
For the adventurous... a 90 minute feature "presentation" of  film-related writing.  Action! And....we're rolling!

Friday Night Writes!

Friday Night Writes    
Feb 12  &  Mar 11
Ages  9 - 12
6 - 8:30 pm
w/ Kristin Hott & Aiden McKenna

$35 / session       TASTY DINNER Included!            

Make it a night out with Richmond Young Writers -A Friday evening upstairs with a pencil, pen or a slice of pizza in hand.  Let your parents fend for themselves at a nearby restaurant while we "kick it" on the 2nd floor...RYW style.  New twists on some favorite games, silent movie screenwriting skits, terrarium tales, speed Haiku and shadow puppetry are all on the menu.  Bring your night vision goggles, a journal and an empty belly!  

* Each workshop is a stand-alone session.  Sign up for as many as you like!

Session Themes:                                                                                                        * DINNER @ 6pm!

Friday, Feb 12                                                                   REGISTER!
"Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk"

Left your notebook out in the rain overnight? Fumbled that fantasy acceptance speech? Misspelled your crush's name in pen on the birthday card?  No need for tears....it's "all good" as they say.  Join us for an evening of mess ups, do-overs and finding perfection in the imperfect.  Don't worry, we'll be serving more than spilled milk for dinner. You'll even make your own butter!

Friday, March 11                                                                

"Of Course EVERYBODY Knows It's International Tool Worship Day!"                                                     

Well, ok...so this one may be a lesser known "holiday," but, as writers, where would we be without our beloved tools?!  You know, our quills, typewriters, slate and boards, calligraphy pens!  Let us take you back to basics, writing new stories and poems with some of our faves.  Don't worry, we won't make you sign your name in blood.... but you will leave with a new tool of your own making.  


Weekend Workshop Series  

Making Movies is Easy!
3 Saturdays- Feb 20, 27 & Mar 5      1-3 pm
With Danny Caporaletti
Ages 14+
$75                                                                                      REGISTER!

If you’re a movie buff with an interest in both screenwriting and filmmaking, then “Making Movies Is Easy!” is the course for you. In this workshop intensive, students collaborate as a team to write, produce, and edit a short film (1-3 minutes), all without ever leaving the classroom. Through writing exercises, basic equipment instruction, and using our imaginations, we transform the classroom into a studio fit for filmmaking. This class emphasizes the collaborative aspect of filmmaking and storytelling. With the guidance of the instructor, students are able to inhabit a variety of film set roles, such as camera operator, actor, director, sound person, etc…

Stories of Our Solar System: 
Saturday, Mar 12      1-3 pm
With Kayla Runyion
Ages 9 - 12
$30                                                                                      REGISTER!

Stories of Our Solar System: NASA’s Juno spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at Jupiter on July 4th, 2016 after a five year journey. In light of this accomplishment - and many more to come - let's explore our solar system through writing and art! In this workshop, students will learn about the solar system, its planets and the objects it contains through the creation of art, poetry, and/or stories. The act of artistic depiction offers students a closer look at the intricacies of each planet. Questions as simple as “why is Mars red?” or “why is the moon closer to Earth than any of the planets?” not only teach and reinforce scientific concepts, but also challenge students to make artistic decisions about color and composition.

We'll also use creative writing as a vehicle to teach about space and space as a muse for creative writing. Students will attempt persona poems, creation myths, science fiction stories, and much more. Students in this workshop will leave as Solar Scibes, the voices of our universe.

Saturday, Mar 26     1-3 pm
With Kayla Runyion
Ages 12 - 14
$30                                                                                      REGISTER!

Poetry for the people!  We'll get out and about, plastering Carytown with spontaneous joy, heartache, mystery and revolutionary wordplay.  Whether you find inspiration in others or from deep inside, this field excursion will be full of surprises.