RYW summer camps are week-long, creativity-sparking experiences during which young writers bond over the ecstasy and misery of storytelling.

Each camp week features a revered guest star - a published author, an inspirational community leader, a brilliant musician, etc. - as well as a sharp look at a favorite genre, plenty of writing time, snacks and camaraderie.

Please note the age group and time frame when you’re registering for camps, as we have two camps per week and each is geared toward a specific age range. We can accommodate students who fall within 6 months of the starting age if they’re already showing a commitment to writing and can work in a group setting with older writers.



2A: Keys to the Animal Kingdom [ages 9-11]
July 8-12, 10am-1pm
With Bird, $160
Guest starring: Author Harry Heckel, The Dark Lord / The Darker Lord / The Darkest Lord

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Animals are pretty awesome, as proven by the enormous number of pictures of them that pop up on the internet every day (how many internet-famous cats can you name?)... and in this workshop, we’ll be celebrating them all! We’ll write stories, poems and essays about our favorite animals, be they our pets, coveted zoo sightings or exotic wonders. And we’ll make up a few animals with our own imaginations, too!


2B: Ask the 8 Ball [ages 11-14]
July 8-12, 2-5pm
With Suzanne, $160
Guest starring: Mind-bending surrealist Mike Dulin

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We’ve all got questions, our fictional characters included. Where to go for answers? Well, our stoic 8-Ball can only tell us so much! We’ll create multi-faceted characters facing a crossroads, and then write our way into multiple endings, Bandersnatch-style.


3A: A Box Full of Darkness [ages 12-15]
July 15-19, 10am-1pm
With Bird, $160
Guest starring: Tarot high priestess and bookromancer Julie Glover, Like A Ship Tarot

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Lyric poetry celebrates the breathtaking moment, the wildly memorable image, the subtlety and the solemnity of time passing. What happens when you combine heartbreak with coral reefs? Infinity with the wind in the pines? Your memories and the color turquoise? Join us in getting deep and exploring the unexpected common threads of the universe - in free verse.


3B: Cartoons, Comics and Graphic Novels [ages 10-13]
July 15-19, 2-5pm
With Gary, $160
Guest starring: Illustrator Theodore Taylor III, When the Beat Was Born: DJ Kool Herc and the Creation of Hiphop


For many writers and artists, “sequential narratives” hold a powerful appeal. In a sense, comics and graphic novels are movies that don’t move, although there are storytelling possibilities that are unique to the comics medium. The combination of words and pictures are a compelling way to tell stories, and in recent years, comics has moved far beyond simple stories of costumed superheroes or lovelorn teens to encompass the full range of storytelling possibilities. In this workshop, we’ll work on the best strategies for finding the words, drawing the pictures, and putting them together to achieve the message and tone you want to share with the world.


4A: Screenwriting the Binge-worthy Series [ages 12-15]
July 22-26, 10am-1pm
With Suzanne, $160
Guest starring: Author Christina June, Everywhere You Want to Be


Are you logging so much time on Netflix or Prime Video that you forgot what day it is? Do you have an alert on your phone reminding you the release date of Stranger Things 3? We are equally addicted to streaming series. We’ll analyze just what makes them binge-worthy and begin crafting our own suspenseful storylines. We’ll discuss braided narratives and how to weave the present and the past into a gripping screenplay. Join us as we plan the story arcs and episode cliffhangers to keep our audience tuning in.


4B: Attack of the Pod People: RYW Makes a Podcast [ages 12-17]
July 22-26, 2-5pm
With Bird, $160
Guest starring: Tech wizard Will George, Pine Camp Cultural Arts Center

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Yep. We're recording. Styled after This American Life, Risk and other amazing podcasts, this workshop will explore the workings of a meaningful, funny, moving podcast. What stories to tell? Why? How does a theme work to our advantage? Why are some tiny, seemingly insignificant details vibrant storytelling material while others weigh the story down? Let's hash it out together... live.


5A: Wheel of Destiny and the Chamber of Games [ages 9-11]
July 29-August 2, 10am-1pm
With Suzanne, $160
Guest starring: Author Lana Krumwiede, Freakling / The Psi Chronicles

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Enter here, O Brave Soul with only a pencil and blank page and leave with a notebook bursting with tales to tell. We can’t reveal the secrets of the chamber, but know you will be dealing with all manner of unpredictable plot twists, characters with unusual powers, wily heroes, and fearsome villains.


5B: Poetry Apprenticeship [ages 14-17]
July 29-August 2, 2-5pm
With Kayla, $160
Guest starring: Poet Derek Kannemeyer

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As writers and as humans, we learn and honor through mimicry. In this workshop, we will apprentice ourselves to a poet (or two) and learn all they have to teach us through their work. Poems become prompts, each line a specimen to be examined and dissected. As we familiarize ourselves with their work, we will embody it in our own writing as a means of growing and exploring our individual voices. And perhaps, one day in the future, a young writer will apprentice themselves to each of us!


6A: Monster Mayhem [ages 11-14]
August 5-9, 10am-1pm
With Phil, $160
Guest starring: Author Patty Smith, The Year of Needy Girls

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Monsters are amazing! Whether they're trying to eat us or give us snuggly hugs, it's impossible not to love them. Celebrate the full range of inhuman creatures as we explore historical monsters, admire mythical animals, and create a beastly menagerie of our own.

6B: Beginning to End [ages 14-17]
August 5-9, 2-5pm
With Elizabeth, $160
Guest starring: Author A.B. Westrick, Brotherhood

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Figuring out how to start a story or essay and how to end it can be one of the biggest challenges of the writing process. In this workshop we’ll ask: What are the characteristics of openings that suck us in? How do we craft endings that feel both inevitable and surprising? What can we do when we get stuck on those final pages—or on the first? Together we’ll mine our favorite stories, books, and movies for the secrets to memorable beginnings and satisfying endings. Writing exercises will be designed to grease our inner wheels and get us out of our writing ruts.

7A/8A: No, Seriously, I'm Writing a Book [ages 14-17] *** By much request, our very first TWO WEEK CAMP! ***
August 12-16 AND August 19-23, 10am-1pm
With Bird, $320
Guest starring: Author Angela Dominguez, Stella Diaz Has Something to Say AND Author/Editor Lindsay Chudzik, Feels Blind Literary


Get that longform on! Long fiction writers, this is your workshop. We’ll be working on one story. For two weeks. One. Very. Long. Story. Whether you’ve already made headway on a novel-length piece of writing or you want to get started on one, this salon-style workshop will catapult you into the deep end of your creative mind. We’ll tackle the heartbreak of getting “stuck,” the pain of editing, the triumph of the breakthrough and the crucial rules for actually getting the thing finished.

7B: Fairy Tale Remix [ages 9-11]
August 12-16 2-5pm
With Kayla, $160
Guest starring: Library Tech/Yogini Kisha Hughes

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Ever wonder what would have happened if Jack never came back down the beanstalk? How the witch would have prepared a dish of Hansel and Gretel? If Prince Charming came to save Snow White but encountered Baba Yaga instead?! Let’s find out! We will read, reenact, and rewrite tales from all over the world. All you need is your imagination...and some mischief, if you have any of that laying around.

8B: I Was Dreaming When I Wrote This [ages 12-15]
August 19-23, 2-5pm
With Suzanne, $160
Guest starring: Author Dr. Cindy Cunningham, ARGS Literary Arts Chair

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Color your character's inner life with an intense dream sequence, spirit animal or fantastic shamanic journey. We'll dabble in Jungian dream analysis, research spirit guides and delve into oracles as a means for your characters to access the spiritual realm swirling around them. This is a great way to add mystery and dimension to your stories- join us as we ramp up the foreshadowing and symbolism in your writing!