Summer with RYW is a mind-bending, paradigm-shifting, kindred spirit-finding blast. Young writers come from all over the state (and sometimes beyond) to work on fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, hybrid work and more - and our slew of guest authors and artists is pretty unbeatable. Join us!

The basic details:

- Camps run from Monday to Friday, 3 hours a day

- There are morning sessions (10am-1pm) and afternoon sessions (2-5pm) 

- Guest authors visit to teach a 2.5-hour workshop on Wednesdays of each session

- The cost is $160; half/full scholarships are available  

- Cancellation requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the start date of class in order to receive a refund or a credit


[8A] Wild and Free: August 14-18, 10am-1pm
With VALLEY, ages 12-16

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Guest author: Lindsay Chudzik

Who are you? Who do you long to be? What makes you happy? Where do you feel you most belong? Yoga and freewriting, mindmapping, the power of place, and the power of voice are the tools for our interior journey. This special workshop with Valley promises to fill out the writing toolkit and expand the sense of self. 

[8B] Intensity in Ten Cities: August 14-18, 2-5pm
With BIRD, ages 13-17
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Guest author: Gail Giewont

Poets! This one’s for you! We’re going to write SO MUCH POETRY. We’re going to talk poetry. Eat poetry. Breathe poetry. (Okay, maybe not breathe, but we really will be eating it!) And while we might explore forms, don’t worry, quatrain-a-phobes: free verse will reign. We’ll dip into songwriting and reimagine the concept of the epic poem for modern times. It’s going to be… intense.

[9A] Creative Cardistry: August 21-25, 10am-1pm
With KAYLA, ages 9-11

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Guest artist: Julie Glover

Magic, memory, fortune-telling, trading, sleight of hand...there are many ways to use a deck of cards. In Creative Cardistry, writers, artists, and gamers will use their skills and imagination to create a deck of cards - traditional or revolutionary! We'll explore the history and art of cardistry, and play card games for inspiration. By the end of the week, each creator will have their own unique deck of cards to share with the world. 

[9B] Divination: August 21-25, 2-5pm
With BIRD, ages 12-17

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Guest author: Look into your crystal ball and tell us who you see.

Yes. DIVINATION CLASS. We aren't going to say too much about this one. Only this: would you like to predict your future as a writer? Try your hand at whatever form you love most and let's see what happens.