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J. Christie, aka Chris Cruger, was an avid poet. She worked in public relations, and had a good run as a creative writing and poetry teacher at Richmond Public schools. Richmond Young Writers was chosen by her loved ones as a bdonation beneficiary to honor her life and assist young writers in aspiring to their craft. Please let us know if you are donating in her name, and many, many thanks.


The Unwritten

Inside this pencil
crouch words that have never been written
never been spoken
never been taught

they’re hiding
they’re awake in there
dark in the dark
hearing us
but they won’t come out
not for love not for time not for fire

even when the dark has worn away
they’ll still be there
hiding in the air
multitudes in days to come may walk through them
breathe them
be none the wiser

what script can it be
that they won’t unroll
in what language
would I recognize it
would I be able to follow it
to make out the real names
of everything

maybe there aren’t
it could be that there’s only one word
and it’s all we need
it’s here in this pencil

every pencil in the world
is like this

W. S. Merwin