Support RYW by purchasing a book written by one of our students and illustrated by a Richmond artist!

Project Update: Book signing on Friday, October 6th, 6-9pm at Little Nomad! Come out to First Friday and grab a book to get signed by our young authors and their professional artist partners!

We all love brown paper packages tied up with strings. For $25, you'll get one in the mail, and inside will be a book written by a Richmond Young Writers student and illustrated by an artist in the Richmond community. 

Your mystery book purchase will ensure that all books can be printed AND support future RYW endeavors AND show your love for great creative collaborations, so by buying one, you're a triple-fold hero! Because purchases are pre-orders, it will take a few weeks for us to get your mystery book to you (you can pick up at RYW or have it shipped to your address). If you'd like to order more than one book, you can specify whether you'd like multiple copies of the same book or a sampling of different ones. 

You will receive your order in late September.

THE WRITERS: Ashwin, Garrett, Georgia, Jamie, Journey, Liesel, Maegan, Odessa, Roxie, Rylee, Walden, Yasmeen and Yazzie

THE ARTISTS: Bri Bevan, Alex Fulton, Sarah Hand, Rachel Hume, Brooke Inman, April Kelly, Amelia Langford, Katie McBride, Karen Mullins, Virginia Samsel, Alicia Strum, Heide Trepanier, and Suzanne Vinson

ABOUT THE PICTURE BOOK PROJECT: This is RYW's first installment of The Picture Book Project, an annual writing/illustration collaboration between young people and local artists. The project takes place from spring to fall each year: stories are written in a spring workshop with Bird Cox, illustrated over the summer after the young writers meet with their assigned artists, printed in the fall and shown at various events. This year, we'll be showing works from the artists' illustration processes along with the stories at ART 180 in September, and we'll be reading the works at the James River Writers Conference in October.

Sept 2017 Picture Book poster DRAFT v3 (1).png