Friday Night Writes!

With RYW Community Collaborator Kristin Hott & intern Odessa Hott

For ages 9-12


$35/Session, dinner included! (Pizza, salad, dessert. Mmm.)

Make it a night out with Richmond Young Writers: a Friday evening upstairs with a pen in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.  Let your parents fend for themselves at a nearby restaurant while we crank out stories and get crazy with the cheese whiz. New twists on some favorite games, silent movie screenwriting skits, terrarium tales, speed Haiku and shadow puppetry are all on the menu.  Bring your night vision goggles, a journal and an empty belly!  

Each workshop is a stand-alone session.  Sign up for as many as you like!

Session Themes:                                                                                

September 22nd:  37° 32' 26.609" N 77° 26' 9.773" W:  You Be The Seeker: Enter Coordinates, Locate Character, Capture Image.


Google Earth has transformed the way we see "location" in the world, Entering coordinates, we pull up an image of a place we want to go or might never be able to visit. We imagine the happenings on any street, in cities far away, in the lives of others who walk paths very different from our own. Come with us on a digital breadcrumb dropping journey, where your imagination is the only currency. We'll provide the coordinates you'll need to find the starter ingredients for your plot. You'll add the missing details of the setting, record your character's movements and motivations and create a world just a smidge left of center, where reality transforms into the unreal. 

We'll Geocache your story for others to find. You'll make a 3D "ch-amera" that shoots images only you would understand. Together we'll seek out the hidden gems so often found in our own backyards.

October  20th:  Don't You Dare Open ThIs Apothecary Jar!

Beware the smells of villains, criminals, n'er-do-wells, black sheep, fiends, curmudgeons, despicables, sore losers, thieves and...well,you get the drift. These are truly sharp and tangy aromas of the dastardly deeds done by society's most interesting {and dangerous} citizens. You are a well meaning apothecary from the 18th century, charged with curing what ails. What will you take down from the dusty shelf...rose petals cured in vinegar, topical anchovy toothpaste or something a bit sweeter...candied venom, perhaps? Disgusting! You must use your creativity and write the appropriate prescription, no matter the cost. 

Don't you dare open this apothecary jar, unless you're brave enough to unleash the uncontrollable and zany goings on up in here! {We're sure you won't be able to resist, but we must at least warn you, no?} Listen for the jingle of the door bell, as your clients enter, unannounced and seeking your uh, medical advice and treatment.  Your work could tame their naughty nature, or unleash the uncontrollable and zany goings on...oh, we said that already.  

No medical degree required. Professional looking lab coats provided, of course. Bring your own garlic necklace, mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha...

Don't you dare register for this session! HERE 

November 17th:  May The Force Be With You: Using Your Jedi Mind for Good

Good vs. evil, funny vs. lame, boring vs. interesting, spicy vs. bland. You know... the timeless and historical conflicts that have created some of the most horrifying and satisfying stories known to man. You have been invited to complete your training to become one of the most powerful jedi writers of this hemisphere, or at least the area west of Westeros. You must prepare to deal with both the sweet and sour sauces in your soup, sharp edges grazing the soft pillows of your mind and test your will, answering one of life's great questions...who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? 

"The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded" Obi Wan used to say. Come with us to build the strength of your Alter Mind and sharpen the lead in your pencil as you prepare for epic battle on the page. Our challenges will reveal your true jedi nature, as you work to answer each riddle with a new solution, solve each problem with laser precision and invent a new language of peace and harmony for the galaxy.

Leave with your very own jedi sword, forged from materials mined on Dagoba Mountain.


December  29th (Escape Room Style!): Enat & Eamon's Eighty-three "'Elarious" Episodes of Elfishly Egregious Mischief: Lace Up Ye Knickers for the New Year Shenanigans!

That just about sums it up, really.