Friday Night Writes!

THE WHAT: A rip-roaring introduction to Richmond's creative writing headquarters

A Friday evening in the dynamic duplex with a pen in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.  Let your parents fend for themselves at a nearby restaurant while we crank out stories and get crazy with the "cheese whiz". New twists on some favorite games, silent movie screenwriting skits, terrarium tales, speed Haiku and shadow puppetry are all on the menu.  Bring your night vision goggles, a journal and an empty belly!  

Each workshop is a stand-alone session.  Sign up for as many as you like! 

THE WHO: Mischief-makers ages 9-12

RYW Community Collaborator/Teacher: Kristin Hott, M.Ed.
Our Inimitable Intern: Laura Blackwell, Reynolds/RPS
Our Veriloquent Volunteer: Odessa Hott, RYW

THE WHEN: One Friday per month or thereabouts, 6-8:30pm

THE WHERE: 2707 W Cary Street, RVA 23220

THE HOW MUCH: $40/Session - dinner/dessert included! 


Friday, November 30th - FULL!

From The FNW Archives: "The Soundtrack of Our Lives": Music adds emotional flavor to this exquisite meal we call life, perhaps only slightly more essential than the blank page that serves as the canvas for all things possible...and IMpossible!  Come prepared to jam. 

We’ll listen to experimental, silly and international sounds of the centuries and use our pens to create a tableau of color, comedy, mystery, action! and heart-swelling joy. We’ll write a symphony of creative writing movements sure to earn a standing ovation. Your favorite songs will set the mood as our brand new characters come to life and dance off the page. Your stories will melt our faces, scratch the vinyl and celebrate the B-Sides. Bring your favorite LP to share!  Dance Party at the close. * Personal earbuds required - cuz.... it's gross to share, y'all.

Dinner:  Local 16" LP Pizza~!  & Salad (a classic)

Dessert: A Musical Walk to Bev's! (another classic)

Friday, December 28th

The Yule Ball & Chain Mail: Costumes Required. Invitations sent by owl. "Snow" guaranteed. Don't go on vacation, come play with us instead!

Features: Writers’ Twister! (Left Foot, Green/ Right Hand, Blue) Speed Rap Battle - Ho Ho Ho! RYW Caroling!

Dinner, Dessert, Activities, A Make & Take, Pals, A Porch, Owls....Trust us, really.... have we ever let you down?



Friday, January 25

"Shave and a Haircut....Two Bits!" :  Friday Night Stand Up Comedy Writes! 

Did you know you were funny? Think you're not? Come spend an evening with us and let your peer audience be the judge. We'll work through some joke writing basics, use some improv exercises and deconstruction word-smithery, and employ some laughter yoga techniques to get your comic juices flowing.

Share your comic stylings on the mic, in front of (or behind) the curtain, in the spotlight! You'll develop a 2-minute stand up routine you could take on the road... or at least to your living room! 

Dinner: Local Hand-Tossed Pizza & Salad

Dessert: Rotten Tomatoes or Roses, depending on your performance... (cupcakes!)


Friday, February 22

Love Potion No. 9: The Chemistry of Creative Writing

This is STEaM Punk Poetry, y'all. We put the A in STEAM over here. Lab coats, check! Beakers, check! We're concocting Poems and Prose with safety goggles on. Don't worry, it's AFTER Valentine's Day, so you can write about all the unexpected romance or the disappointment.... drama allowed. You might even turn the "periodic" tables in your direction!

Join us to create a secret potion to attract...or ward off...potential suitors. Your word-smithery (our new favorite word) will stun or seduce even the most curmudgeonly of souls. 

Dinner: Hot, Bubbling Cauldrons of Potion (soups) 2 to choose from!,  Billy Bread

Dessert: Strawberry Cake


Recent Session Themes:                                                                      

Oct. 26th: My What a Big Shadow You Cast!: Shadow Puppetry Returns to FNW!
Aug. 17th:
  The Most Boring Night of Your Life.  A One-Act Play! 
  Yo, Ho, Ho and a Message in Boot-le. Monsier Puree’s
“Odoriferous Case of a Pirate’s Booty ….Gone Missing.
June 29th: 
 It’s a Pickle! : Fermented Follies in a Jar. 
May 25th:
 Bird Droppings or Melted Ice Cream….Sometimes it’s Hard to Tell.
February 23: RYW Shoestring Buggie Theatre: a 1-night only, 1-Act Play! 
January 26:  Origami Stori Chain: A Collection of Zany "Fold" Tales  
December 22: Escape Room Style!
                          Enat & Eamon's Eighty-three "'Elarious" Episodes of Elfishly Egregious Mischief!
November 17: May The Force Be With You: Using Your Jedi Mind for Good
October 20: Don't You Dare Open ThIs Apothecary Jar!

All sessions are built around themes, most of them fairly zany, and include a related make and take. A clear connection to a writing practice or genre-based skill is incorporated. Creative writing activities don't always culminate into a finished product. Our goal is to introduce or deepen a connection to the creative exploration that writing necessitates and provide a safe but boundry-free space to allow magical things happen.

Icebreakers, flexible grouping and intentional reflection are core to each workshop. Curriculum is based on both whimsy and best practice in positive youth development methods. 

Est. Aug, 2015