Friday Night Writes!

THE WHAT: A rip-roaring introduction to Richmond's creative writing headquarters

A Friday evening in the dynamic duplex with a pen in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.  Let your parents fend for themselves at a nearby restaurant while we crank out stories and get crazy with the "cheese whiz". New twists on some favorite games, silent movie screenwriting skits, terrarium tales, speed Haiku and shadow puppetry are all on the menu.  Bring your night vision goggles, a journal and an empty belly!  

Each workshop is a stand-alone session.  Sign up for as many as you like! 

THE WHO: Mischief-makers ages 9-12

RYW Community Collaborator/Teacher: Kristin Hott, M.Ed
Our Inimitable Intern: A Bevy of Cool Summer Guests!
Our Veriloquent Volunteer: Odessa Hott, RYW

THE WHEN: One Friday per month or thereabouts, 6-8:30pm

THE WHERE: 2707 W Cary Street, RVA 23220

THE HOW MUCH: $40/Session - dinner/dessert included! 


FULL!  May 25th: Bird Droppings or Melted Ice Cream….Sometimes it’s Hard to Tell.  FULL!

You know those stories that start out all sweet and innocent, safe little stories with children dreaming of old friends and gumballs and snuggly bunnies, only to take a drastic turn on page 47, where a villainous creature takes over and thinks it’s THEIR story now? Well, this session has nothing to do with that. 

No, on this night, you’ll use your creative writing skills to describe, illustrate and illuminate mystery items, while your partner tries to guess “what the heck you could be looking at?!”  We’ll use famous paintings, old mysterious technology and a few other curiosities to bring out your most fantastical descriptive writing skills.  No peeking!

Dinner: Local Yummy Pizza, and Salad

Dessert: I Hope Those Are Brownies


FULL!June 29th:  It’s a Pickle! : Fermented Follies in a Jar.  FULL!

Enter through the root cellar, where it’s nice and cool. You’ll receive a yet-to-be-tasted sweet, sour, crunchy, dill-iciousness in a jar.  It’s a wonderful world where pickles are the preferred sitch (situation). We love writing our way out of a jam, in other words.  Who stole the pickle from the pickle jar? Who knows? Who cares?  Mystery genre writing undergoes a fermentation in this creative culinary writing lab.

Oh, and….we’re making pickles, guys. For reals.

Dinner:  Hot Dogs and Not Dogs w/ relish, (of course), tater tots and potato salad

Dessert: DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches


SOLD OUT!  July 27th:  THE ESCAPE ROOM RETURNS!  Yo, Ho, Ho and a Message in Boot-le. Monsier Puree’s Odoriferous Case of a Pirate’s Booty ….Gone Missing.     SOLD OUT! 

Your job, as always, is to solve each clue, using your super tasting, sense making, critical tinkering brains and a lot of cooperation. All hands on deck. This one is sure to be a real stinker. Truly, a swashbuckling conundrum on the high seas…Avast Ye!  (OK, we’ll stop with the pirate references…for now.)

Dinner: Ye Shant Have Eny! Argggh.  Just kidding: Submarine Sandwiches, Chips and Lemonade

Dessert: Wooden Leg Cookie Bars


 SOLD OUT! Aug. 17th:  The Most Boring Night of Your Life.  A One-Act Play!    SOLD OUT! 


Seriously. It’s just no big deal to ditch your parents and get together on a Friday night with OK people, brainstorm a scene, write your own dialogue, decide on props and costumes, rehearse and like, actually perform a play, all in a 2-hour span. I mean…Booooorrriiiiing. But, if you think it could maybe interest you a little bit, you could come, if you want.  Sigh. You'll write a play interesting enough to wake your retired neighbor from a pleasant nap, hopefully. Yes, this bar is set pretty low, guys. I mean, come if you want….

Dinner: Humble Pie (local pizza) and Salad

Dessert: Rose or Rotten Tomato Cakes (cupcakes)...depends on the performance, of course!


*** FNW will take a brief intermission in September, but will return in October.....full of snips and snails and puppy dog.... um. We'll be back! 

Recent Session Themes:                                                                      

February 23: RYW Shoestring Buggie Theatre: a 1-night only, 1-Act Play! 
January 26:  Origami Stori Chain: A Collection of Zany "Fold" Tales  
December 22: Escape Room Style!
                          Enat & Eamon's Eighty-three "'Elarious" Episodes of Elfishly Egregious Mischief!
November 17: May The Force Be With You: Using Your Jedi Mind for Good
October 20: Don't You Dare Open ThIs Apothecary Jar!

All sessions are built around themes, most of them fairly zany, and include a related make and take. A clear connection to a writing practice or genre-based skill is incorporated. Creative writing activities don't always culminate into a finished product. Our goal is to introduce or deepen a connection to the creative exploration that writing necessitates and provide a safe but boundry-free space to allow magical things happen.

Icebreakers, flexible grouping and intentional reflection are core to each workshop. Curriculum is based on both whimsey and best practice in positive youth development methods. 

Est. Aug, 2015