Friday Night Writes!

With Kristin Hott & VCU intern Aiden McKenna

For ages 9-12


$35/Session, dinner included! (Pizza, salad, dessert. Mmm.)

Make it a night out with Richmond Young Writers: a Friday evening upstairs with a pen in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.  Let your parents fend for themselves at a nearby restaurant while we crank out stories and get crazy with the cheese whiz. New twists on some favorite games, silent movie screenwriting skits, terrarium tales, speed Haiku and shadow puppetry are all on the menu.  Bring your night vision goggles, a journal and an empty belly!  

Each workshop is a stand-alone session.  Sign up for as many as you like!

  • May 26

Session Themes:                                                                                 

May 26: SPIRIT


We are spirits in the material world. Your animal spirit, your inner you, the essence of your character, the spark that makes them unique.  We are looking to describe that “Je ne c’est quoi” that makes someone, well, that special someone.  No two people are exactly alike, just as no two villains, heroes, anti-heroes, protagonists, sidekicks or small town settings are identical, really. 

Join us as we uncover the inner “stuff,” the plasma core, the funky essence of your characters, and find out what their made of as you work your way out of our “escape room” challenge! It's gonna be good.