Fall 2017 After-School & Weekend Workshops



Wheel of Destiny and the Chamber of Games

With Suzanne Reamy, $125

6 Mondays, October 9-November 13, 4:30-6pm

Ages 9-12

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Enter here, O Brave Soul with only a pencil and blank page and leave with a notebook bursting with tales to tell. We can’t reveal the secrets of the chamber, but know you will be dealing with all manner of unpredictable plot twists, characters with unusual powers, wily heroes, and fearsome villains.

Writing the Body: Using the Five Senses to Tell Richer Stories

With Elizabeth Ferris, $125

6 Tuesdays, October 10-November 14, 4:30-6pm

Ages 11-14

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From the smell of your grandfather’s aftershave, to the particular lilt of your first crush’s voice, small sensory details have the power to create big emotional impact. In this vivid, detail-oriented workshop, we’ll explore ways to use the five senses to create richer scenes and build more meaningful connections with our audiences. Using in-class readings, discussion, and guided writing exercises, we’ll practice tapping into our sensory tool-kit to craft engaging stories that connect body and mind. This workshop is applicable to fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Talking to People Who Aren’t There: Fiction & Character

With Bird, $125

6 Wednesdays, October 11-November 15, 4:30-6pm

Ages 14-17

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As a fiction writer, I find myself frequently taking walks in which deep thoughts bubble up and lively conversation abounds. Nevermind that anyone catching sight of me assumes that I’m alone (not to mention insane). I’m in excellent company: that of my main and supporting characters, who are revealing to me their secrets, feelings, plans and grievances as we amble along. Does this happen to you? Do you want it to? Join me. Let’s find our beautiful, horrible, gut-wrenching, hilarious characters together and see where they want to go.

Reflections of Me

With Samantha Willis, $125

6 Thursdays, October 12-November 16, 4:30-6pm

Ages 12-15

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This class will explore your thoughts, opinions, ideas and identities in this busy, noisy nation and constantly changing world. Through writing exercises, journaling and group work, writers will express and articulate their developing opinions on what they see in today's society. We'll talk and write about how we view ourselves, delve into our thoughts on race and culture, express feelings about our peers, and dissect our unique challenges, ambitions, fears, and goals.



Cartoons, Comics and Graphic Novels

With Gary Cohn, $85

4 Saturdays, October 7-28, 10:30am-12pm

Ages 12-16

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For many writers and artists, “sequential narratives” hold a powerful appeal. In a sense, comics and graphic novels are movies that don’t move, although there are storytelling possibilities that are unique to the comics medium. The combination of words and pictures are a compelling way to tell stories, and in recent years, comics has moved far beyond simple stories of costumed superheroes or lovelorn teens to encompass the full range of storytelling possibilities. In this workshop, we’ll work on the best strategies for finding the words, drawing the pictures, and putting them together to achieve the message and tone you want to share with the world.

Monster Maker

With Suzanne Reamy, $85

4 Sundays, October 8-29, 2-3:30pm

Ages 9-12,

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We don’t actually have Dr. Frankenstein’s castle to work in, but we do have some pretty creepy imaginations to pillage.  Scribble, scribe, slither and shock into life a host of monstrous creatures only a mother could love. Join us as we mold some bizarre beings and set them free to wreak havoc just in time for spook season.