Winter/Spring 2018 Workshops

WINTER SESSION, February 12 - March 23

Superheroes Live Here!  - Ages 9-11

With Suzanne, $125

6 Mondays, February 12 - March 19, 4:30-6pm

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Superheroes are more than folks in tights and capes! We’ll devise your hero’s alter ego, Achilles heel, origin story, mission on Earth and more! Naturally everyone needs a buddy, even those with unusual powers, so we’ll add sidekicks into the mix and, of course, the dreaded Arch Nemesis. Whether your superhero wears Keds and just wants to finish their math homework or is on their millionth space trek to Zebulon, we need to tell their story.

Ritual and the Passing of Time: A Workshop for Young Poets & Writers - Ages 13-17

With Logan, $125

6 Tuesdays, February 13 - March 20, 4:30-6pm

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We'll be engaging in myriad varieties of writings and forms, but focusing on our “in-between/lost in translation” states and what we do when we get “stuck.” What tools can we use to move past a roadblock?
How can we explore what times of "nothing" mean or look like? Do we celebrate or dread them? What ornaments can we carry with us and what rituals can we develop to keep writing? Forms we'll dig into will include storytelling, poetry, prose poetry, micro fiction, flash fiction, short shorts and stories.

Through Darkness Untold: Exploring Difficult Themes in Fiction - Ages 14-17

With Bird, $125

6 Wednesdays, February 14 - March 21, 4:30-6pm

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Over the years, we've been blown away by the skill and delicacy with which RYW students have written about subjects like death, discrimination, social injustice, depression and mental illness, heartbreak, unhealthy friendships and other harsh realities they've faced or watched others face. This workshop invites writers to continue to explore this type of work in the form of fiction, be it realistic or fantastical, and share their thoughts about the world around them with other writers who've also had their share of tough times. 

Cartoons, Comics & Graphic Novels - Ages 11-14

With Gary, $125

6 Thursdays, February 15 - March 29 (no class Feb. 22), 4:30-6pm

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For many writers and artists, “sequential narratives” hold a powerful appeal. In a sense comics and graphic novels are movies that don’t move, although there are storytelling possibilities that are unique to the comics medium. The combination of words and pictures are a compelling way to tell stories, and in recent years comics has moved far beyond simple stories of costumed superheroes or lovelorn teens, to encompass the full range of storytelling possibilities. For the novice comics creator the questions are, “Where do I begin? How to I find the words, how do I draw the pictures, and how do I put them together?” Veteran comics writing professional Gary Cohn can help you find your way into this absorbing storytelling medium. 

SPRING SESSION, April 9 - May 30

Let’s do the Time Warp Again! - Ages 11-14

With Suzanne, $125

6 Mondays, April 16- May 21, 4:30-6pm

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It’s just a jump to the left and a step to the right... to fall into a new dimension. Why write the same ol' forward movement, when your characters can flip through time and space? Yesterday is relative. Catch your hero in a time loop where everything repeats, or surge into the distant future before lunch. Peek into the time continuum and take your stories into light speed. This one's a great choice for young writers who are interested in fantasy, sci-fi and suspense.

Mountains High and Valleys Low: Inventing New Worlds - Ages 9-11

With Elizabeth, $125

6 Tuesdays, April 10 - May 22, 4:30-6pm

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Whether it’s a wind-swept mountain top, an abandoned train depot, or a post-
apocalyptic kingdom in the year 2200, the worlds our characters inhabit are often driving forces in their
stories. Sometimes, they are even the key to the action. Learn how to build powerful, real-feeling worlds in which your stories come alive. We’ll use our five senses (and maybe even a sixth!) while creating vivid spaces for our characters to roam.

The Picture Book Project - Ages 12-17

With Bird, $195

8 Wednesdays, April 11 - May 30, 4:30-6pm

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We're so thrilled to offer another installment of The Picture Book Project, given the crazy success we had with it in 2017! This project entails quite a bit more than just the 8-week workshop. During the workshop, participants will write and edit a picture book story with Bird and other children's literature authors. At the end of the workshop, each young writer will be paired with a professional artist/designer/illustrator from the community, and they will plan the art for the book together. Artists will create the work over the summer and the books will be published by Richmond Young Writers Press in the fall, at which point writers and artists will be invited to do signings and readings at literary events throughout the city. It's a very exciting project and we have limited space - 12 spots - so grab one now if your young writer is interested!