Curriculum Lab with Jonathan Lee - ages 11-17
2:00 pm14:00

Curriculum Lab with Jonathan Lee - ages 11-17

Curriculum Lab is a series of projects, activities, and workshops inspired by discarded library materials that explore how the arts, information, and literacy intersect. In this summer session, students will engage in a series of hands on/minds on activities that focus on critical thinking, problem based inquiry, awareness of personal biases, and research/discovery techniques. Through art-making and discussion, students will take a deeper look at the relationships they have with words and images in order to create effective visual narratives that best convey what they want to say. 

2:00 pm14:00

Special guest workshop with visiting author David Hicks!

Remember that Terrible Day You Had? You Could Turn It Into a Great Story.                                                

Join visiting author David Hicks to come up with a brilliant new story idea! By tapping into a formula you know well—the one that begins “Once upon a time” followed by “And then one day”—you can turn a bad day into a good story. In this workshop, you will begin to compose several such stories, and lay out the structure for one of them from beginning to end. You will leave the workshop with a draft of a new story or novel, along with the framework of two more, and a much better understanding of how stories (and character development) work.

2:00 pm14:00

Writing Forward: Thoughts on Diversity, Inclusion and Compassion

These free workshops will provide a safe space for all ages to write and share thoughts about what it means to live in America in 2017. We have noticed over the years that the wider the range of ages in a workshop, the deeper the insights gained by writers young and old; thus, Writing Forward is open to both youth and adults. Opportunities to blend voices across the divides of age, race, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation and tax bracket has become a priority for us, and we are proud to offer them to the Richmond community.

RVA PrideFest - RYW Youth Village Booth!
12:00 pm12:00

RVA PrideFest - RYW Youth Village Booth!

12 - 8PM

Brown's Island

This event is so'll have a great day and get to experience so much love, up close and from the totally awesome Youth Village!

We need volunteers throughout the event: AGES 12+  

  • 2-hr Booth Volunteer shifts * starting at 11:30am
  • 30-Minute Mini Writing Workshop Leaders* RYW teachers and current RYWriters only

Contact Kristin Hott, RYW's Community Outreach Collaborator, with questions:  * 804-651-1232

BOOTH STAFF Volunteers:  

We'll be set up in the Youth Village on Brown's Island.  We're looking for 2 volunteers per shift, though you're welcome to sign up for multiple shifts, if you like! Mini-workshops will also be offered, staffed by experienced Richmond Young Writers and RYW Teachers.

This year, we're making our signature words of love bookmarks alongside hourly creative writing workshops for youth.  You can volunteer to lead a workshop or to staff the tables, helping to hang bookmarks and share information about Richmond Young Writers.  

Volunteers will wear a RYW lapel pin and a super cool apron (provided), and are encouraged to share their experiences and answer questions about our classes and workshops with the folks visiting our booth.  

MINI WORKSHOP LEADERS:  RICHMOND YOUNG WRITERS and RYW Teachers only *  We'll contact you prior to the event to walk through what activities we'll be offering each hour.  You'll be familiar with how it all works, but we want you to feel super comfortable!  Oh, and you can definitely sign up for BOTH a volunteer booth staff shift AND a Mini workshop lead spot!

Summer Open Mic -  Readings @ The Byrd Theater! - August 27th 1:30PM~
1:30 pm13:30

Summer Open Mic - Readings @ The Byrd Theater! - August 27th 1:30PM~

  • The Byrd Theater

You came, you wrote, you explored some new territory of words and worlds..... now it's time to SHARE it!

OPEN MIC at The Byrd:   July 30th & August 27th

1:30 - 2:30 PM  

Just off stage, on the mic, in a cool, bright spotlight of love.  Invite your friends, frenemies, family and your inner strength to enjoy the fruits of your work and joy.  Richmond Young Writers will be there to support you and be wow-ed by your creative genius.

No need to RSVP in advance.  Readers should arrive at least 15 minutes early to get seated in the VIP section, of course!

Bring your writing to glance at or memorize a piece and get creative with costume.  Everything is welcome!

See you there! 

ALL AGES Friday Open Mic - Reading @ bbgb books!
5:30 pm17:30

ALL AGES Friday Open Mic - Reading @ bbgb books!

  • bbgb tales for kids

All Ages!  Bring your favorite writing piece, poem, flash fiction, standup routine and share it on the mic!  3 Minutes or less.  RSVP for a guaranteed early spot: 

Refreshments and Raffle!~

3003 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221  ** Next door to WORLD of MIRTH!

Homeschool Day at Pole Green Historic Church!  10am -12pm
10:00 am10:00

Homeschool Day at Pole Green Historic Church! 10am -12pm

  • Historic Pole Green Church

HOMESCHOOLING RYW's!  This is going to be SO cool, guys...

Richmond Young Writers has been asked to attend this awesome event in Hanover County, to bring some mini-writing workshops and a fun bookmark message activity, at one of the most spectacular historic sites in Virginia, Pole Green Historic Church! It's their 4th annual Homeschool Day, a free educational offering for students from elementary through high school levels.

The event includes a glimpse of Historic Polegreen's rich history and its most famous visitor, Patrick Henry. They'll have colonial games and activities, tours of the church site, and more! 

We'll be there alongside bbgb tales for kids bookstore (selling!) and the amazing Young Adult Fiction novelist, A.B. Westrick, who will read from and talk about her fantastic book, Brotherhood.  Check out the details of this "local" historical fiction here:

See you there!

Justice Parade @ General Assembly Bldg - Oct 2
4:00 pm16:00

Justice Parade @ General Assembly Bldg - Oct 2

  • Virginia General Assembly Bldg

Richmond Young Writers has been invited to participate in this important community event, highlighting issues affecting youth, alternatives and solutions.   We're happy to support the efforts of Performing Statistics, Art180 and the talented youth they represent.   

Please consider attending their upcoming Justice Parade on Oct. 2nd @ 5pm - General Assembly building in downtown Richmond.  

JUSTICE PARADE?: This summer in Richmond, a group of incarcerated youth, artists, and legal experts came together to re-imagine the juvenile justice system. Join us to celebrate the brave and brilliant voices of Richmond's incarcerated youth!!! Join community groups from across Richmond to advocate and envision a more safe, equitable, and just world for us all!

WHY: Because there are over ten thousand youth locked up each year in VA. Because we spend over $130,000 to incarcerate one teen for one year, while spending only $11,000 to educate them. Because 40% of youth locked up are between 8 AND 14 YEARS OLD. Because 70% of incarcerated youth are re-arrested after 3 years. Let's say it together...PRISONS DON'T WORK!!justiceparade/czo2

FREE SPEECH Open Mic Night #2 @ bbgb in Carytown!
3:30 pm15:30

FREE SPEECH Open Mic Night #2 @ bbgb in Carytown!

  • bbgb tales for kids

The last open mic night at bbgb was, shall we say.... AWESOME!  If you haven't checked out our mini movie highlighting the young writers/performers who participated:  DO IT!

Join us again, at our co-sponsored evening of excellence in young writing (ALL AGES!). 

Saturday, October 3rd   3003 W. Cary Street (next to World of Mirth!)  5 - 7pm.

RSVP for a spot:  

Bicycle Stories Collaborative Art Show - Opens Sept. 18!
Oct 18

Bicycle Stories Collaborative Art Show - Opens Sept. 18!

  • Artspace

The GEARS are in motion!

It's all about that race...

We've matched 29 Richmond Young Writers with 28 of Richmond's most fantastic creative artists in a collaborative arts show at ARTSPACE gallery... for 30 days! Join us on Friday, September 18th for opening night in the main gallery room to see how the artists add 2 and 3 dimensional life to text.  

A full list of artists and writers is coming, soon!

Stay tuned!


RVA PrideFest Youth Village
12:00 pm12:00

RVA PrideFest Youth Village

  • Brown's Island



Richmond Young Writers' Writing Activity Booth~

We'll be gleaming with pride at this year's PRIDEFEST celebration on Brown's Island, Saturday, September 12th:  12 - 8pm.  

Come support and celebrate with RVA's LGBTQ community and be sure to stop by our booth, where you can design your own "Make & Take & Share" RYW bookmark.  

We'll have mini writing workshops on the hour, led by your favorite RYW teachers, of course. No need to sign up, and of course, all our activities are FREE and open to any youth visiting the festival.  

Extra! Extra!  *If you are a Richmond Young Writer and would like to VOLUNTEER at our booth for this event, contact Kristin Hott, our Community Outreach Collaborator, at


All Ages Open Mic Night @ bbgb Books in Carytown!
6:00 pm18:00

All Ages Open Mic Night @ bbgb Books in Carytown!

  • bbgb tales for kids

Free and open mic at bbgb!

Come share your writing!

Meet performers of all ages!  * Free raffle for performers!  *  Refreshments!

Friday, August 14th   6-8pm

all ages

Come to bbgb for an evening of creativity and fun! Bring your poetry, rap, or flash fiction to share, or come with a short piece from your favorite author. Please keep performances under 3 minutes and remember that children will be present.

Come to bbgb early to reserve a spot, or RSVP in advance by emailing

Sponsored by:  bbgb Tales for Kids *  3003 W. Cary st. Richmond, VA, 23221

(next to World of Mirth!)

...with Art180 and yours truly!

Learn more at events/806184166161655/