Upcoming Workshops

NEW! Sundays at the Museum [ages 11-17]
First Sundays: April 7th, May 5th - 1-3:30pm
With Suzanne, $35 per session


Feasting on art is one of the main avenues for getting our creative juices flowing. Richmond Young Writers is thrilled to introduce a new ongoing series: Sunday Afternoons at the Museum, on the first Sunday of every month starting February 3rd!

Join us as we scour local museums within walking distance of RYW in search of pieces that inspire our next character, poem, screenplay, short story or novel. Artwork will serve as a jumping off point for our literary flights of fancy. While each session will focus on a different aspect of writer's craft, all are stand-alone sessions and will include both quiet reflection and spirited discussion. All sessions will culminate and end at our cozy space on Cary Street. Bring clothing suitable for a short jaunt up the Boulevard.


The Picture Book Project [ages 12-17] - THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL!
8 Tuesdays, April 9th - May 28th, 4:30-6pm
With Bird, $195

This special 8-week workshop is actually a year-long picture book writing experience! Participants will use the workshop time (and probably some time at home) to complete a children’s story which will be given to a Richmond artist to illustrate over the summer, and books get published by the RYW press in the fall. It’s a great opportunity: raw story generation, editing, getting that beautiful illustrated copy back in your hands, and finally, sharing it with the world. Writers will sign their books at multiple events in the fall!

Wheel of Destiny and the Chamber of Games [ages 9-12]
6 Wednesdays, April 10th - May 15th, 4:30-6pm
With Suzanne, $125


Enter here, O Brave Soul with only a pencil and blank page and leave with a notebook bursting with tales to tell. We can’t reveal the secrets of the chamber, but know you will be dealing with all manner of unpredictable plot twists, characters with unusual powers, wily heroes, and fearsome villains.

Writing to the Moon and Back - Mixed Genre [ages 12-14]
4 Saturdays, May 4th - 25th, 4-6pm
With Kayla, $110


How does the moon affect us as creatures and creators? What mysteries do the waxing and waning of the moon reveal, ready for us to claw into with our pens? In this workshop, we’ll follow the moon as it cycles from new to full to new and each phase in between, and explore our own cycles in the process. Moon lore and magic will inspire us and revive our creative wells. Maybe we’ll even do some moon gazing!